The Next Generation of Video Wall Technology

Nov 4, 2020

HAYWARD, Calif., Nov. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Jupiter Systems, California has 40 years of history in collaboration and innovation.  While the products in general have fit into a specialized segment of the overall AV/Tech industry, Jupiter has always been known for delivering the best in class products.  Whenever a new product need is desired, Jupiter developed a solution internally to fill that gap in the industry.

Today Jupiter announces our latest entry in that long history of innovation, with the introduction of Zavus™, our revolutionary Active Matrix Mini-LED.

Once you see Zavus™, you will accept no other solution for your large format display needs.

Mini LED has been known in the display industry and is used as a backlight solution for high-end LCD displays, offering thousands of dimmable light zones and different backlight colors to improve contrast and image fidelity.  Our LED’s are much smaller and more efficient than what are found in conventional LED display wall products.  Mini-LED is mounted directly to the board (chip on board) and then encapsulated in additional layers for protection and contrast.  The Mini-LED’s are protected, and you are left with a clean smooth surface and an image that will fascinate your audience.

As an active matrix display, Zavus™, addresses all pixels at the same time resulting in an ability to refresh the entire image multiple times the speed of competitive products.  It also results in far lower power consumption and heat production than any other LED product on the market.

In simple terms, Zavus™ delivers extreme contrast at 1,000,000:1, fast frame rate at 240Hz, Refresh rate at 5,760Hz, 14bit grey scale, at the same time having lower power consumption, less heat, more efficient use of space, and most importantly, no eye fatigue.

This is just the beginning for the new Jupiter Systems, with new products that transform the display landscape, and when paired with our best in class processors, they redefine what can be done in audio visual systems. Please visit for this and other new products like PANA, a whole new dimension in collaborating and meeting in all varying spaces.

This is the new Jupiter Systems – The whole picture.

Contact: Melissa De Long, Jupiter Systems
Phone: 510.675.1000