Typically installed in these Markets:

  • Operational Control Rooms
  • Military & Government Command Centers
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Utility & Energy

Typically installed in these Markets:

  • Operational Control Rooms
  • Military & Government Command Centers
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Utility & Energy

Catalyst Processors

Windows 10 processor supporting massive video walls at the highest resolution on the market.

  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Up to 156 4K inputs
  • Up to 1500+ IP streams
  • Web/VNC/Application support

More 4K IP and direct inputs, more memory, and more power for unparalleled bandwidth speed

Supports up to 156 4K direct inputs

Decode up to 1,000+ H.264 streams

Architecture of a Catalyst Installation

Catalyst processor range


For every conference and huddle room

  • Certified for PANA 5K 21:9
  • Designed for small video walls or ancillary displays
  • IP or direct inputs
Canvas Catalyst CRS 4K

Catalyst V

Replacement for Catalyst 4K and C-Series

  • Designed for small to medium sized configurations
  • Powerful i9 processor
  • Ultra-quiet

Catalyst XL

Workhorse and flagship processor

  • Designed for mission critical solutions
  • Massive amount of inputs
  • Xeon processor options with up to 16 cores

Catalyst Processors Specs

 CRS-5KCatalyst VCatalyst XL
PCIe 槽位0510-40
HD 输出46464
4K60 输出11616
HD 输入16156
4K 输入16156
IP 解码12100+1500+

Advanced Capture Technology

Catalyst XL utilizes the latest PCIe technology to capture and display video sources with resolutions up to 8K. Ultra-fast bandwidth on each board increases the density of processing power, reducing the number of input/output boards and the overall hardware footprint. Catalyst XL offers DVI, HDMI, SDI and DP capture board options. State of the art hardware and software is capable of ingesting resolutions up to 8K60, custom resolutions, 8/10 bit, HDCP content and RGB 4:4:4 color subsampling. Each port can function autonomously with the ability to transfer, crop, scale or zoom to accommodate any type of two different ways: Canvas Standalone and Enterprise.

Windows 10

Catalyst is built on Windows 10, a specialized version of Windows 10 that offers the best of a Windows environment, including comprehensive security, while eliminating challenges associated with automatic updates. Windows 10 and Canvas continue to support Workgroup or Domain configurations to ensure flexible deployments—whether they are standalone video walls or connected to the corporate network.

Purpose Built Hardware

For over 40 years, Jupiter has been designing and manufacturing display wall processors, leveraging cutting edge technology to create hardware for the most demanding display wall installations. Next generation DMA technology, called DirectGMA, enables high speed data transfer from the capture board to one or more GPU boards. The GPU board is specifically designed to drive an arbitrary number of displays while maintaining frame synchronization across multiple boards for bigger, more complex configurations.

Canvas Enabled

Jupiter’s powerful, collaborative wall management software is web based and enables users to intuitively drag and drop inputs and control sources whether they’re inside or outside of the control room. Canvas supports both Active Directory and Workgroup environments for user authentication so the platform is secure and robust allowing any number of users permission based access.

Expand Your Internal Team

Skip the Investment

Canvas doesn’t require an elaborate installation of processor hardware or an enormous wall of monitors to get this multi-window collaboration tool. All it takes is a Canvas software license and you’re good to go.

Additional Licenses

Add other internal stakeholders and departments for cross pollenation and alternate perspectives. Simply increase the number of Canvas licenses and your collaboration increases.

Secure Accessibility

Canvas works anywhere in the world you work and on any device. You’re granted identical access to view and edit the content whether you’re inside or outside the office.